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Correction medium deep.

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Stylage® M Lidocaine

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Correction filling philtrum, medium to deep.

Smoothen wrinkled and depressed areas

Wrinkles on cheeks

Hit nasal reduction

Remodeling earlobe

Consult as buy Stylage M Lidocaine, which invites you to end the aging process!

The STYLAGE® Classic line offers a specific and unique product for each treatment area.

Due to the natural evolution of aging, the skin loses its natural elasticity and can notice the first wrinkles on its surface. As a result, the face starts to look worn, smooth and less radiant.

Eventually, wrinkles become deeper and become unsightly lines.

The STYLAGE® Classic line is specially designed to improve the appearance of surface wrinkles (STYLAGE® S) and severe moderate wrinkles (STYLAGE® M and L).

After a personalized facial and careful analysis, the doctor can determine for you the best treatment plan STYLAGE® according to your needs, your skin condition, your age, your lifestyle and depth of wrinkles.

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